Will iPhone 11 Support Type-C And 18W Fast Charge?

The iPhone’s battery has always been a problem for everyone. Now, with the growing screen size of the mobile phone, the battery capacity of the iPhone is gradually increasing. Although it is not as large as the Android phone, it can be regarded as a mainstream standard. In addition to the slow growth of the battery,  Apple still insists to use the 5W charging connectors for a long time. Therefore, when the iPhone can be equipped with a fast charger, it will become a thing that all the Apple fans expect year after year.

iphone 11 charger

The rumors about the iPhone’s replacement of fast charge have been uninterrupted, and the rumors this year are especially true. Very early on, there was a foreign media report that this year’s iPhone 11 has a high chance of replacing the Type-C interface. It was only a few days ago that it claimed to be a Foxconn employee. It broke the news that it is still a Lightning interface.  But before the iPhone 11 was officially released, the rumors could be reversed again.

According to the information obtained by a Chinese Weibo user, the charging port of the iPhone 11 will be replaced with a Type-C interface, and it is said that the information source is very reliable. Before we saw the real iPhone 11, we still held a skeptical attitude, and avoid excessive expectations that might finally disappoint us again.

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