Will iPhone 11 Support The Stylus?

Does Apple really want a new generation of iPhone to support the stylus?

iphone 11 case with pencil

Earlier, it was reported that in order to stimulate revenue and increase selling points, Apple intends to let the new iPhone support the stylus. This pen will be smaller than the Apple Pencil currently used for the iPad, so it can be carried along with the iPhone.

What’s more interesting is that there is a UK based smartphone case manufacturer Olixar released a few pictures of “iPhone 11 Cases”. The case has a place to put a stylus behind it, and they think the phone is called ‘iPhone 11 Pro’. It is not yet possible to verify the authenticity of the picture.

Apple created some usage scenarios, such as drawing design with high precision, which made people believe that the stylus should have a reason for existence on the iPad; By comparison, at least so far, the iOS system and its matching app do not need a more accurate stylus.

Source: Cult of Mac

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