Wii Fit\u0027s successor? Nintendo Will Launch Nintendo Switch Accessory That Allows Players To Move And Stretch

Nintendo will introduce a circular ring-shaped device that can hold the Joy-Con controller and will be equipped with a set of accessories that can be attached to the leg. The circular ring device can be rotated or moved in a hand-held manner, or even squeezed and expanded outward. It allows user to perform muscle training through the Nintendo Switch or perform various stretching exercises.

Nintendo Switch Fit

The Nintendo Lab Suite (Labo), which used to make up a variety of operating accessories with thick cardboard to create more fun, has inspired many players. Nintendo is clearly preparing to implement the fun application as a formal accessory to continue bringing more experience to Nintendo Switch players.

In addition, the new app content obviously allows players from all regions to join the interaction, so it is expected that all players will be connected in line with the online connection.

In the past, the “Wii Fit” was released in the Nintendo Wii series, and related accessories allow players to achieve fitness goals through play. Nintendo hopes to bring the same application effect to the Nintendo Switch, and possibly through more game content allows the player to achieve the purpose of fitness.

Specific details will be announced on September 12.

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