USA Consumer Reports: Apple AirPods Lost to Samsung Galaxy Buds

Consumer Reports, the US authority, released a comparison between Apple’s new AirPods and Samsung Galaxy Buds. The result is that Samsung won.

AirPods Galaxy Buds consumer reports

According to the Consumer Report, Galaxy Buds became an overwhelming winner in the Sound Quality Test.

The comparison shows that although AirPods is doing good in playing music and movies, there are some obvious shortcomings.

They think that the main bass is the determinator. AirPods have bass, but there is no depth like drumming. The bass is there but you can’t feel it. There is also a problem with the midrange. Musical pieces with many instruments will blur each other, causing a ‘crowded feeling’ and low sound recognition.

As for the Galaxy Buds, Consumer Reports reported that ‘The bass is a touch prominent, but it has an obvious depth the AirPods lack, and the mids and highs are significantly better as well”.

In terms of design and ease of use, the Consumer Report believes that these two types of headphones are different types and will vary from person to person. Some people prefer the in-ear design of Galaxy Buds, while others prefer the open design of AirPods.

In this report, they praised the consistency of the Apple H1 chip in AirPods and other Apple devices, as well as the design of the charging box. But they also think that AirPods’ double-click touch is not good enough.

In the end, Galaxy Buds has a total score of 86 and AirPods is 56 points.

Source: Consumer Reports

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