Tuna Salad Sandwich

A Tuna Salad Sandwich is one of my kid’s favorite after-school snacks. It is definitely one of my go-to meals when I am hungry and want something fast! We love Tuna recipes and this Tuna Mornay, Tuna Melt Casserole, and Open Faced Tuna Melt are some of our favorites!Tuna Salad RecipeThis is a flavor-packed tuna salad recipe.  I admit, there are days when I grab a can of tuna, add some mayo and celery salt and am done! But there are also times that I want the most satisfying and delicious tuna salad sandwich ever… and this recipe fits the bill.To this recipe, I add mayonnaise, seasonings, and shallots. The crunch comes from the onions, so I do recommend picking the best (freshest) shallot you can find.The easiest way to make a tuna salad sandwich is to prepare the tuna salad, get your bread, and start layering. Our favorite (and the most classic way of eating tuna salad) is to grab a piece of bread (not toast!), lay lettuce on the bread, scoop the tuna salad on top of the lettuce, add sliced tomato, and then cover with another piece of bread. Serve with some chips or fries and you are good to go!How to Make Tuna SaladEasy ingredients combine to create what I am sure will be your FAVORITE tuna salad recipe!The formula could not be easier: Prepare, Combine, Assemble, Enjoy! I like to chop all the shallots, pickles, and garlic and then start the assembling process. I also like to make each sandwich upon request. The longer the tuna salad sits on the bread the soggier it may be.More Easy Lunches You’ll LoveWhat Kind of Tuna to Use in Tuna SaladI prefer using a tuna canned in water. When you are draining the tuna prior to use, as most recipes will recommend, you could lose some of the flavor if it was packed in oil. Tuna packed in oil can absorb some of the flavor of the tuna.In general, water-packed is usually what folks choose because it has fewer calories and retains more omega-3s. Not to mention it can taste “fresher”.  One thing that I highly recommend is to make sure that you fully drain the water from the packed tuna.  Extra moisture in the tuna salad is not typically considered a good thing.  A watery tuna salad mixture will make the sandwich a little sloppy and could also make the bread soggy.How Long Does Tuna Salad Last?This recipe makes a lot of sandwiches, so you may need to refrigerate the leftovers. To maximize the shelf life of tuna salad for safety (and make sure it still tastes good!), refrigerate the tuna salad in an airtight container for up to 3-5 days.Tuna Salad Ingredient VariationsThe great thing about tuna salad is that it can be changed up based on what you have on hand.  Keep the ratios the same as the recipe below but swap out what you love.Greek Yogurt– Replace the mayo with yogurt for a healthier and lighter option.Red Onion– I prefer shallots as they have a wonderful onion flavor but are not overpowering. Some folks really prefer a strong onion flavor and opt for red onion or even a sweet onion.Celery– This recipe utilizes celery salt, but if you want even more crunch and texture you can add in chopped celery. I would not remove the celery salt, but you could decrease the amount.Croissants– My favorite way to eat tuna salad! However, I have to remember to buy them special because it’s not something we normally have on hand. Our next favorite option is 12-grain bread, but in truth, any sandwich bread will work!Make it a Wrap –  Completely change the game by making it a tuna salad wrap.  We use a flour tortilla, some romaine lettuce leaves, tomato, sometimes some extra pickle and wrap it all up!  This is also a great alternative if you are taking these on a picnic because the tortilla holds everything together nicely.Feel free to get creative and add/replace your own favorite ingredients.This will be your new go-to recipe for tuna salad! Course: Main Course Cuisine: American Keyword: Tuna Salad Sandwich Servings: 12 Calories: 206 kcal Author: Amanda Rettke 4 (5 ounce) cans tuna, drained 1 cup (239 g) mayonnaise 1-2 teaspoons celery salt, (taste test after combined) 1 shallot, finely diced 2 tablespoons dill pickle, finely diced 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 clove garlic, minced 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper 1 head romaine lettuce 1 medium tomato, sliced sliced bread of your choiceIn a medium bowl, combine tuna, mayonnaise, celery, salt, shallot, pickle, lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper.Lay a piece of bread on your plate (or slice a croissant) and top with lettuce, tuna mixture, and then a slice of tomato.Serve Immediately. meet Amanda RettkeAmanda Rettke is the creator of I Am Baker, and the bestselling author of Surprise Inside Cakes: Amazing Cakes for Every Occasion – With a Little Something Extra Inside.Over the course of her 15+ year blogging adventure, she has been featured in and collaborated with the Food Network, New York Times, LA Times, Country Living Magazine, People Magazine, Epicurious, Brides, Romantic Homes, life:beautiful, Publishers Weekly, The Daily Mail, Star Tribune, The Globe and Mail, DailyCandy, YumSugar, The Knot, The Kitchn, and Parade, to name a few.

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