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There are many decent quality items to be found on Aliexpress. With the right choice, women Shein jean jackets from Aliexpress are not inferior to branded clothing, the price tag of which is 5-10 times higher.

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Shein Jean jackets with appliques

GCAROL 5333-5335 – for young people

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Lightweight denim with a loose fit. On the back there is an application of a hare’s head. There are inserts with shiny sequins. Size range: S, M, L, XL. Color – 4 options (two tones of black and blue). Length – 57-60 cm (depending on size). The model is shortened, the bottom is just below the waistline. Sleeves are wide with a lowered shoulder. The seller posted a review and a table with parameters on the site, which helps to make the right choice. Delivery times are from 2 to 7 weeks.

Abebey is a versatile model

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Free cut. When ordering one size larger, an oversized effect is obtained. High quality denim fabric of medium density. It retains its color and shape after the wash cycle. Almost the entire back is covered with an applique made of multi-colored rhinestones. The decor is glued securely. There are torn elements that are relevant for the current season. Available in sizes S to XL. Material color – blue. Details: turn-down collar, patch pockets, metal fittings. Fastening – buttons.

CBAFU P904 – bright flowers on black

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Black jacket with colored embroidery on the back. The embroidery element is glued to the base. The size of the applique is large. The combination of bright colors adds freshness. A similar technique is used by famous fashion designers. Outwardly, the thing looks no worse than the brand one. The style is free. There are all the classic details of a cut for jeans: pockets, cuffs, double / triple stitching. Care tips: gentle wash without bleaching agents, water temperature – up to 30 degrees.

Moramoon ZY101 – Korean Style

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The silhouette is free. The shoulder line is lowered. The sleeves are wide. The bottom is finished with cuffs. Fastener – metal buttons, stylized as buttons. On the front there are two welt and patch pockets with a flap. The line of the yoke is highlighted. On the back there is an appliqué in the form of inscriptions in different colors. Lightweight medium weight fabric. Sizes: from S to XL. You can buy a women’s jean jacket on aliexpress in black or blue. Delivery – within 2-7 weeks.

YOCALOR embroidery flower – great deal on Aliexpress

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The model is made of high quality jeans. The seams are smooth and strong. Double and triple stitching with yellow threads. Loose style with half-raglan sleeves. Full length. The shelf is made in the classic version (with a fastener on metal buttons, highlighted with a yoke and pockets). An applique in the form of a bouquet of flowers is glued on the back. It looks gorgeous. To make the drawing realistic, chiffon ribbons are attached (like a bunch of a bouquet and along the bottom of the sleeves). Sizes: S to 2XL.

YSBFALNZ – ​​deer in flowers

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The season of socks is autumn, spring, cool summer. Loose fit with standard length. Color – sky blue. There are frayed and torn elements to highlight the fashion trend. Turn-down collar. The shoulder line is lowered. The shelf has pockets and raised seams. Double and triple lines. An applique in the shape of a deer surrounded by flowers is glued to the back. Jeans add brutality to the image, but not in this case. The drawing is saturated with tenderness.

Jean jackets

O’DRESSY S230 – designer jacket

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

It is impossible to remain unnoticed in such a jacket. The denim base is complemented by stylish elements: fringe, metal fittings, wide cuffs on the sleeves. Closure – hidden zipper. Round neck without collar. There is a lining. Fitted silhouette. It looks impressive on a slender figure. Sizes: from S to XL. Cotton of good quality, medium density. Care features: gentle wash, use of non-aggressive detergents, hang dry.

WICCON ZY0892 – in English style

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Fitted model with full sleeves. The waist line is highlighted. There is no collar. There are drop sides on the front. On one shelf on top there is a decor – a scattering of rhinestones. There are classic details of denim clothing: embossed seams, stitching. The sleeve rim is raised, laid in small folds. Closure type – zipper. Available in sizes from M to 3XL. The color is blue. Purpose – everyday wear, office outfit. Supplied in sturdy packaging. There is no unpleasant smell. Delivery times from China are from 2 to 6 weeks.

IOQRCJV P732 – with double-breasted buckle

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

A product with a length below the thigh line. The silhouette is semi-fitted. The figure is emphasized by smooth reliefs and beautiful stitching. A fold-over pocket with fold-down sides looks elegant. The seller offers sizes: from S to 3XL. The color is only blue. The fittings are unusual. Clasp – large buttons. The bottom line is broken, irregular in shape. Flapless patch pockets. This outfit is suitable for everyday wear and business meetings. Fast delivery.

YOCALOR 19619 – hussar style

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Model 2021. The highlight in the jacket is the finish: metal fittings and imitation of large loops. They are on the shelf and sleeves. Turn-down collar. The bottom of the sleeves and the product is hemmed. The material is of high quality, thin. Care: washing at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, drying on a hanger, ironing with a steamer. Size range: S – XXXL. Color – sky blue. Supplied in sturdy packaging. There is no chemical smell. Delivery times are from 2 to 8 weeks.

YSBFALNZ denim jacket – fashionable bow ties

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

A cropped jean jacket in blue and light blue. The density is average. Butterfly embroidery is used as a decoration. Collar – narrow stand. The cuff is wide on the bottom of the product. Shirt-type sleeves. Closure – loops and improvised denim buttons. The embossed seams are unusual, located diagonally. Patch pockets are decorated with stitching. The bottom of the shelf is decorated with bright embroidery. Sizes S to XXXL. Buyers distinguish: quality, comfortable fit, fast delivery.

Miaoke Goddess L8033 – Lady Office Style

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The classic version of a jean jacket. It has all the characteristic details: reliefs, double stitching, flap pockets, metal fittings. A feature is the presence of large sizes. The table shows measurements from 2XL to 6XL. The material is dense and of good quality. There is no unpleasant smell after unpacking. Fastener type – metal buttons. The seams are smooth and strong. There are no protruding threads. Delivery times are from two weeks to two months.

Yipn.igacoyou Women Denim jacket – like leather jacket

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Interesting model with a slanting side and a zipper. Suitable for daily wear and business meetings. Accentuates the waistline. Shortened length. On the back there is a short 2-piece belt and a metal buckle for adjusting the fit. Full length shirt sleeve. Two zip welt pockets on the front. Tailoring is neat. The seams are smooth and strong. Sizes S to XXXL. The color is only blue. Season – cool summer, autumn, spring.

Jean jackets in different colors

OKXGNZ FW2021 – value for money

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The classic denim jacket is available in pink, purple, yellow, black and white. Free cut. Standard details: welt and patch pockets, metal fittings, turn-down collar, cuffs on the bottom of the sleeves and products. Sizes S to XXXL. Length – 48-58 cm (depending on parameters). Fabric – 100% cotton. The density is average. Keeps shape well. Metal fittings with original design. Season – cool summer, autumn, spring.

DAYIFUN L0047 – freedom and elegance

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Solid color model in white and khaki. The silhouette is free. On a slender figure, the windbreaker looks like someone else’s shoulder. The effect is explained by belonging to the hip-hop style, the Korean type. The size range is small (M, S, L). Material – 100% cotton. Product length – 60-62 cm. Details: single-breasted button fastener, turn-down collar, overhead flap and welt pockets, wide cuffs. A woman of any age in this outfit will look stylish and fresh.

Altayskiy ZXL1551 – included in the top popular products on Ali

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The model is presented in white and black. Sizes S to XXL. Full length shirt sleeve. Turn-down collar. There are pockets of cut-in and overhead type. Free cut, which is important this season. The style is youthful, but also suitable for older ladies. The fittings are of high quality, made of metal. Care is simple: wash in cool water, light spin, hang dry. Whitening products are not permitted.

SEMIR 19059080312 – cropped jacket with oblique yoke

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The style is developed on the basis of the classic version. The shape of the yoke has changed (it has become oblique), the length has decreased (58-66 cm). The rest of the details remain the same: turn-down collar, cuffs, metal fittings, single-breasted buttons. The seller posted a table on the website that contains the control parameters. For an unmistakable choice, it is enough to compare them with your own standards. Delivery times are from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Iceinside PL508 – Hooded

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

A jean jacket with a fixed hood is popular on Ali. In addition to the classic elements, it contains: only patch pockets with a flap, a drawstring that regulates the tightness of the hood, a wide sleeve, a lowered shoulder line. Shortened length (47-49 cm). Size range – S, M, L. There are tabs on the bottom of the cuff that regulate the volume. The lines are double. The color of the threads matches the tone of the jeans (white, black, blue).

Vintage jeans and hand-made

NoEnName_Null – included in the rating of the best selling products on Ali

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The model contains all the standard details of the cut of a jean jacket: turn-down collar, single-breasted button fastening, metal fittings, pockets with flaps. Free cut (fashion 70-80s). Looks original on any figure. The season of socks is autumn, spring, cool summer. Color – sky blue. The fabric is dense, keeps its shape well. The fit is comfortable. Supplied in sturdy packaging. Delivery times are from two weeks to two months.

SEDUTMO ED346 – Harajuku style

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

A model with fashionable elements – frayed and torn areas. Popular with young people. The silhouette is semi-fitted. Turn-down collar with slightly elongated corners (a la 80s). The sleeve is shirting. High quality metal fittings. Another vintage detail is shoulder straps. The fit is ideal for a slim and dense figure. Sizes – from S to 6XL. The table with measurements posted on the seller’s website will help you to choose the appropriate parameters. The color of the fabric is blue.

Matteobenni Fashion 0316A – strict forms

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

Cropped jean jacket with long, slim sleeves. Fitted silhouette. Looks great on a slender figure, emphasizes dignity, emphasizes the waist line. There are tabs on the cuff for adjusting the volume. The fit is comfortable. The style is English. The season of socks is autumn, cool summer, spring. Suitable for everyday use and business meetings. Sizes – from S to XXL. Color – blue in dark and light tones. The reviews are mostly positive.

EWQ Z871 105 – striking style

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The jacket is made of thin denim. Composition – 100% cotton. There is a bright applique on the shelf and back. A casual style that turns into hip-hop. The theme of the drawing is newspaper. This is a response from the 70s, when this direction was a great success. The outfit looks good on a slim and full figure. The size range is meager, only L. Parameters: chest girth 114-120 cm, product length 68 cm. Colors – blue, sky blue, black. When placing an order, you should specify the finish option in the desired color of the model.

HWLZLTZHT JE232 – loose bomber jacket

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The jacket is made in a youth style (hip-hop type). Basis – black jeans (composition 100% cotton). The density is average. Insert – cotton checkered fabric. There is also an original print. White lettering on a black background looks impressive. The season of socks is autumn, spring. Sizes – from S to XL. The silhouette is free. Details: wide long sleeve, single-breasted button closure, turn-down collar, metal fittings, patch pockets with flaps.

XUANHAO LH42822 – animal print

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

The model is available in black and white. Material – jeans. The composition includes a synthetic additive. Contrast print. Subject – animalistic images, inscriptions. The style is free. Wide, elongated sleeve. Large patch pockets on the front. Sizes – S, M, L. Single-breasted fastening with buttons. Metal fittings. Care: gentle wash, water temperature no more than 30 degrees, hanging dry. It is not recommended to use bleaching agents.

Syiwidii ​​women blazer – original blazer

Top 25 women's denim jackets from Aliexpress

A hit that does not reduce the position in the ratings on Ali for several years. Botal style. Fits well on any figure. Free cut. Two patch pockets on the front. One with a valve, the other without. Turn-down collar. The sleeve is long, wide. Button fastening. Excellent quality metal fittings. Buyers highlight: neat sewing, straight seams, beautiful stitching. Delivery times are from 2 to 5 weeks.


The review examines the best women’s Shein jean jackets featured on the Chinese virtual marketplace. The Syiwidii ​​women blazer and OKXGNZ FW2021 models were highly appreciated by customers.

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