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To keep the car neat and tidy, it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning in it. One of the main assistants is a car vacuum cleaner. It differs from its older brother (ordinary vacuum cleaner) in compactness and convenience, and is designed specifically for cleaning up the car.

The range of devices of this type on the market is quite large, and it can be very difficult to understand all the intricacies of different models. We recommend that you proceed from the following parameters when choosing:

  • Power . The suction power of the unit directly depends on this characteristic. The average value for the segment under consideration is 90-120 W. Models with lower rates are of little use for everyday use (they can only cope with crumbs and ash from cigarettes). Since a significant part of car vacuum cleaners are powered by a cigarette lighter, their capabilities are very limited (160 W is the maximum you should count on);
  • Cleaning type . Modern technology can be focused on two types of cleaning: dry and wet;
  • Complete set . The more different nozzles and filters included in the basic set of goods, the better. They allow the vacuum cleaner to penetrate even the most inaccessible places.

Since the above-mentioned cleaning equipment is not very expensive and is quite compact in size (that is, there are no special problems with delivery by mail), it is not surprising that, in contrast to the generally recognized brands (Vitek, Heyner, Alca, etc.), their products began to actively promote Chinese companies. In this article, we have collected the 10 best car vacuum cleaners from the Aliexpress website. 


Those wishing to purchase a car vacuum cleaner with a large package and versatility will definitely like the Caraymin HF2001. Cleaning filters, attachments, power cord and brushes are great for cleaning your car. The low noise level of 75 dB has a positive effect on operational properties, allowing you to use the device even in the quietest time of the day, without fear of frightening your neighbors.

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Supports wet and dry cleaning functions. Thanks to its suction power of 4800 Pa, particles are collected even in the most inaccessible places. The filter can be removed in one stroke and is also easy to clean. The vacuum cleaner has a pleasant design in black and orange colors, fits comfortably in the hand and is often sold at attractive prices.

GRIKEY Car Vacuum

This representative of household appliances from GRIKEY is distinguished, 4.5 meter extension cord is enough even for the farthest corners of the car. If you focus on power, then you need to adequately assess the capabilities of this class of devices. Naturally, when the car has not been cleaned for years, there is very little sense to use GRIKEY – you will need a general cleaning with a large vacuum cleaner in the gas station or a car wash.  The main inconvenience of users is the fast clogging of the filters, which have to be manually cleaned after every couple of cycles of operation.


Here is the most popular car vacuum cleaner among buyers of the Aliexpress website. In its price category, it has few competitors. The secret of being in demand is at an affordable price and the ability to do your job with high quality. The model is intended for dry cleaning of the car. It is sold in two modifications – powered by a cigarette lighter and a built-in battery (capacity 2200 mA / h). 

Rated power 120 watts. Of course, you shouldn’t expect a device to work like a home vacuum cleaner. But it collects sand from rugs, dust and small debris well. It is convenient to use a vacuum cleaner, it makes very moderate noise. The wire is long (4 m), you can reach the trunk of most cars. And in the case of the wireless version, anywhere. The package is complete. There are comments about the tightness of the dust collector.


The model is positioned as a universal vacuum cleaner for home and cars, but it is the best only for a car. The package includes: an extension hose, a brush, a wire for charging the battery from the cigarette lighter, but there is no USB adapter. The assembly is excellent – you can feel the high quality of Xiaomi. The dimensions are compact: the car vacuum cleaner can be easily hidden in the glove compartment or even in the armrest. The handle is comfortable, the control is as simple as possible. There is such a useful thing as a built-in light bulb. It gives good illumination so you can find all the trash that needs to be vacuumed. 

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The maximum suction power is 16,800 Pa, the average is 9,000 Pa (operating modes are adjustable). The dust collector is small – 100 ml. To remove garbage from it, you need to press just one button. There is a HEPA filter and a valve that prevents debris from flowing back into the machine. The operating time in medium mode is 25 minutes on a single charge, and if you turn on the device at full power – only 10 minutes. 


For lovers of everything compact or those who save space, no matter what, the BASEUS CRXCQ01 will be an excellent assistant when putting things in order in the car, since its length is only 23 centimeters, and its overall dimensions are about 3 times smaller than an average car vacuum cleaner. 3 batteries with a total capacity of 2000 mAh are installed inside at once. As materials for the hull, a special alloy was used, which is used in aircraft construction to impart lightness and strength.

The manufacturer positions its brainchild not just as a car vacuum cleaner, but as a real universal remedy for the war against dust and dirt. The battery life is an impressive 21 minutes, but there is no fast charging here and the buyer will have to pass 3.5 hours while waiting for the charge to be refilled. The network is connected via a modern USB Type-C port.


The SEAMETAL car vacuum cleaner resembles Xiaomi Youpin in design and characteristics, but it costs much less. The features of this model are two modes of operation, the presence of a wired and wireless version, a choice of power and a low noise level (less than 70 dB). With Aliexpress, the car vacuum cleaner comes in a good case that is suitable for storage. The device itself is lightweight and compact. At the same time, the 120 W motor allows you to remove dirt from any surface. The operating modes are regulated by a simple push of a button.

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The equipment is positioned by the seller as a washing vacuum cleaner. However, you should not count on full-fledged wet cleaning. This characteristic refers to an improved HEPA filter that is truly washable. Good customer reviews about the battery of this car vacuum cleaner. One charge lasts for 30 minutes in 4 kPa mode. 

DEWTREETALI Vacuum Cleaner

The design of this car vacuum cleaner looks more like a miniature hair dryer. But the unusual shape did not make it uncomfortable. The handle fits perfectly in the hand, does not slip during work. The attachments are fixed securely, the power button is in the right place. The device is supplied in wireless and wired versions (45 W and 60 W). Both will last long enough. It is important that the vacuum cleaner will always be at hand, because it can even be put in a car’s cup holder. 

NEEKIN Vacuum Cleaner

Neekin handheld vacuum cleaner was recognized as the best in one very popular design competition on Aliexpress. The model is really extraordinary. Outwardly, it is a cylinder that resembles a small thermo mug. But the most interesting thing inside is a 35 W motor, a washable HEPA filter and 2 batteries with a capacity of 2000 mAh each. The weight of the device is 365 g. And the suction power is as much as 5300 Pa. For such dimensions, this is a record, especially considering that this is a wireless model. 

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