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Pick The Best Products For You On Aliexpress

If you are looking for a trusted seller to buy a good bag, then this article is for you. The list includes only those stores that position themselves as a brand. Some of them are promoted, and some are just gaining popularity. The price category is very diverse – from cheap to very expensive. But no matter which brand you choose, any of them will offer the best quality of service and product.

In the TOP, there are only those sellers who have more than 2,000 sales and a rating above 98.0%. These two factors are responsible for the order of the brand position. 

10. Realer Official Store

Realer Official Store aliexpress

One of the popular sellers of bags on Aliexpress. Their products are not only beautiful, but also very high quality. The brand values its reputation, so the service is of a high level. Despite the fact that the bulk of the products are made of genuine leather, their prices are not that huge. Here it is quite possible to find a good genuine leather bag at a modest price.

9. Cobbler Legend official store

Cobbler Legend official store aliexpress

The brand is unique in its kind due to the special features of their bags. The designers say they want to present their vision of the artistic traditions of the oriental style to the world. Another feature is that all the handbags are handmade and made of genuine leather.

8. Memories Of ContactS Store

Memories Of ContactS aliexpress

A smart seller with a great product. Its niche is bags and wallets made of genuine leather. Thanks to its attention to the client, it maintains a high rating for many years. There is not much choice among the bags, however, the models are beautiful and of high quality. Perfect for business meetings.

7. FOXER official store

FOXER official store aliexpress

If it were not for the small number of sales compared to other stores, we would have put this brand in the first place. Very cool product. The quality is high, but the prices, unfortunately, are not affordable for everyone.

6. Bunny bag Store

Bunny bag Store aliexpress

The store sells cool handbags in the “mass market” price range. But you can also find more expensive genuine leather products. And there are also good wallets. One of these was ordered personally. The quality was good.

5. Pmsix Official StorePmsix Official Store aliexpress

A distinctive feature of this brand is oriental motives. Lovers of peonies and lotuses will appreciate it. There are many handbags in the Moscow showroom. If you are from Moscow, do not be lazy to go and see them. The product is of high quality, the main material of the products is genuine leather. The prices are high, but judging by the reviews, they correspond to the quality.

4. Unishow Official Store

 Unishow Official StoreThis store interested me with its prices. They are quite attractive. Having studied his product and reviews a little, I realized that he was worth my attention. Mostly youthful versions of bags and wallets prevail. Also, here you will always find interesting and trendy models that are popular.

3. Toposhine Official Store

Toposhine Official StoreA quality shop with a good selection of goods. It’s been in Aliexpress for 7 years. Here you can buy bags, backpacks and sometimes wallets. Youth models predominate, but there are a few classic options that you might like.

2. ContactS Official Store

ContactS Official Store aliexpress-minThe brand makes leather goods primarily for men, but to be honest, these bags look more unisex. For leather goods, the price relative to the market is average.

1. Zocilor Official Store

Zocilor Official StoreDo you want a beautiful, high quality and inexpensive bag? Then come here. There is a huge selection of models in classic style. They are mostly made of artificial materials, but they are in no way inferior to leather bags, which, by the way, can also be found here. The store started its work in 2016, but already breaks all sales records. More than 50,000 items sold. 

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