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There are 3 main types of humidifiers on the market today:

  • Ultrasonic. Water placed in such a humidifier is converted into steam using ultrasonic vibrations. Due to the simplicity of the design, the price for such products is low. Note: Use only distilled or filtered water for this type of humidifier.
  • Steam. The action of such humidifiers is based on the principle of heated water evaporation. This type is much more powerful than other humidifiers, but at the same time it is very dangerous to use.
  • Traditional. Principle of operation: inside the body of the device, the liquid enters the evaporating element, and then exits in the form of steam using a fan. Such humidifiers are more expensive than ultrasonic ones and are reasonably safe.

Each of the types has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide which is better, based on your own preferences.

When choosing a humidifier from this review, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The volume of the bowl of the device and the ease of use;
  2. Remote control;
  3. Additional functions: lighting, the presence of a compartment for aroma oils, etc.

Our rating will help you buy the best air humidifier from Aliexpress. We have collected 10 of the most popular and high-quality devices for microclimate control, taking into account the reliability of sellers, consumer reviews and an advantageous price-quality ratio.

Xiaomi Deerma

Xiaomi DeermaAir humidifier from Xiaomi with touch control and a capacity of 5 liters. This amount is sufficient for 15 hours of continuous operation. There are 3 humidification modes: spring, summer and winter, with different amounts of steam released. The display shows the room temperature. There is a hidden handle for easy lifting and carrying of the device. When the water runs out, the humidifier automatically stops working.

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LOVEPRO Humidifier

LOVEPRO Humidifier

This stylish diffuser is among the top ultrasonic humidifiers from Aliexpress. It has a capacity of 400 ml and is suitable for a room measuring 30-40 sq. m. Distinctive feature: can be used as a night light. There is a bright glow mode with 7 smoothly changing colors, as well as a night mode with a soft blue light. The diffuser is ideal for home aromatherapy.

Fnelse HMIB310

Fnelse HMIB310A miniature portable traditional humidifier that is convenient to take with you, for example, to improve the air in the car. Powered by a USB adapter. It has several lighting modes, including a soft “romantic” glow mode for a restful night’s sleep. A 200 ml capacity is enough to humidify a room with 10 sq. m.

Xiaomi Smartmi Air Humidifier 2

Xiaomi Smartmi Air Humidifier 2Another device for controlling the home microclimate from Xiaomi. The main feature is humidification without the formation of fog and moisture on the furniture.
The device is synchronized with a smartphone via Wi-Fi, so you can easily control it via the MiHome app, as well as check the humidity level and air temperature


KBAYBO K-H82EMiniature diffuser for home or car with 300 ml volume. Designed for premises no more than 40 sq. m. Powered by the supplied USB cable. Great for adding aromatic oils. Has a pleasant woody design. The backlight comes in 7 iridescent colors and is easy to control with the touch-sensitive power button. Includes 2 replaceable filters.

Xiaomi Deerma

Xiaomi Deerma (2)

 A budget model from Xiaomi with a lot of orders and positive reviews. By adding essential oils in a special compartment, it spreads the fragrance unobtrusively. Ideal for humidifying rooms with an area of 20-30 sq. m. Through the body you can see the amount of remaining water, so you don’t have to open the lid often. The amount of steam is conveniently adjusted using the wheel.

Xiaomi YouPin

Xiaomi YouPinDespite the small volumes, the diffuser took pride of place in this ranking of humidifiers from Aliexpress due to its quality. Its volume is enough for about 6-10 hours of work. There is a safety sensor: when the water runs out, the indicator glows red. There is a backlight that can be easily controlled by pressing a button. Suitable for aromatherapy – aroma oils are added directly to the

ELOOLE Cup Humidifie

ELOOLE Cup HumidifierCompact 260ml traditional desktop humidifier with good price and many orders. Suitable for rooms not exceeding 10 sq. m. Powered by a USB cable. Unfortunately, it does not have an automatic shutdown in the event of a lack of water, so it is undesirable to leave the device turned on unattended.


DiffuserloveCompact desktop diffuser-night light, a distinctive feature of which is the presence of a remote control that works at a distance of up to 6 m. The device itself has 2 buttons that regulate the backlight and the operating mode. There is a timer for 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours. A humidifier can be used to scent a room by adding a few drops of aroma oil directly to the water.

Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

Ultrasonic Air HumidifierSimple and convenient traditional backlit home air humidifier. The product has more than 5,000 orders and more than 1,000 reviews. The main feature is the ability to use it as a night light. There are several backlight modes with bright glow. Thanks to the successful design, the night light seems to float in the air. It is not recommended to use it as a fragrance – oils remain on the bottom of the bowl.

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