Surface Go 2 Is Not Using Pentium Processor

Microsoft launched the Surface Go tablet in 2018 and succeeded in the low-cost tablet computing device category. Microsoft has a month to release the Surface on October 2.

Surface Go 2

According to information found on the Benchmark website, Microsoft may be developing a Surface Go 2 tablet with an Intel Core m3 processor and 8GB of RAM. The test name is OEMTX OEMTX Product Name EV1, and similar code is also used for the benchmark test of the first-generation Surface Go.

Surface Go 2 benchmark

On the Geekbench running site, the Surface Go 2 is benchmarked with the Intel Core m3-8100Y and 8GB of memory. The Intel Core m3-8100Y has a maximum clock speed of 3.39 GHz, a single-core score of 3113, and a multi-core score of 5621.

It’s also worth noting that the Intel Pentium processor from the original Surface Go has a maximum operating frequency of 1.6GHz and lacks Turbo Boost functionality, but the Surface Go 2 with Intel Core m3 will obviously support this feature.

Comparison of the two Surface Go models

surface go 2 surface go 1 comparsion

Geekbench data supports speculation on the new Surface Go device, and Microsoft may bring new devices such as Surface Pro 7, Surface Book 3, and Surface Go 2 at the October 2 conference.

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