Support 20x Zoom,4 Lens Design, OPPO To Announce Reno 2 In India On 8/28

OPPO India’s official Twitter released information earlier and confirmed that it will release the OPPO Reno 2 with a four-lens main camera and 20x zoom shooting function on August 28.

OPPO Reno 2 specs

In the first half of this year, the new Reno series mobile phone was announced. OPPO confirmed that it will firstly announce the new OPPO Reno 2 in the Indian market. It also revealed that it will have a four-lens main camera and 20x zoom shooting function design, but it is not sure whether it is like OPPO Reno 10x with different versions available. It is still unsure if it supports 5G networking specifications.

In addition to meeting the current OPPOkey market area in India, it is more likely to cooperate with the Realme brand to supplement the market demand, thereby achieving all-round sales results.

However, the specifications of the OPPO Reno 2 phone are not yet confirmed, but it is confirmed that the Shark Fin Rising Camera will be installed. The main camera lens is expected to adopt a high-pixel specification, with a wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and ToF lens module. As for the 20x zoom shooting function details,  still have to wait for the official announcement of OPPO.

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