Sony Xperia 1 DxOMark Score Announced

The Sony Xperia 1 phone debuted at MWC 2019 — the feature that makes consumers clearly aware of this phone is its 21:9 ultra-wide screen, making the machine look very slender.

Sony Xperia 1 camera review

According to DxOMark’s review, the Sony Xperia 1’s camera score is only 91 points. As the flagship product of Sony, the Xperia 1 camera score is inevitably disappointing.

Sony Xperia 1 camera score

According to DxOMark’s review, the Xperia 1 rear camera has a combined score of 91, with 94 points for photos, 84 points for movies, and 78 points for front cameras.

DxOMark said that many factors have caused Sony’s mobile phone to not fully play its camera level. First of all, the HDR function is not always able to trigger outdoors, even if the function is triggered, the exposure of the scene is often slightly insufficient under high light.

Second, although the white balance of the Xperia 1 performs well, there is a pinkish phenomenon in some outdoor scenes. The most disappointing part of the camera is the portrait, and the background blur appears to be a big problem.

Moreover, DxOMark states that the Xperia 1’s flash performance is much lower than other flagship products, even worse than older models. It still lags behind quite a few mid-range phones. In the absence of additional illumination, the exposure is very low, the flash drop can be seen, and all portrait photos have a noticeable red-eye effect.

However, Xperia 1 still has a good performance: Xperia 1’s camera focuses very fast, DxOMark says the phone’s focus in all lighting conditions is fast, accurate and repeatable, including under 20 lux low light.

At the same time, the trade-off between Xperia 1’s noise control and detail is very good.

DxOMark summarizes the Xperia 1 camera as follows:

  • Photo Benefits: In most test conditions, autofocus performance is fast and accurate; good low light color rendering; good exposure under low light.
  • Photo disadvantages: Some outdoor and indoor scenes are underexposed; HDR sometimes fails to trigger; several obvious artifacts appear, including halo and edge noise; the edges of the picture are heavily loss of sharpness; the texture is less regular; appears when using the flash. A strong red-eye effect.
  • Advantages of the film: The exposure adjustment is quite smooth; anti-shake can work; it has an accurate white balance under most test conditions.
  • Video shortcomings: Frequent refocusing is often performed; dynamic range is limited; in most test scenarios, details are lost; significant ringing and jitter effects.

Source: DxOMark

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