Set up and set Galaxy S10 notification LED?

Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 have a notification LED? Is it possible to display new notifications via an LED display above the screen? Anyone who has bought a Samsung Galaxy smartphone before and who will probably have set up and used the notification LED at the top of the screen. A small and multi-colored LED indicates new notifications, what’s more, you can configure the colors for individual apps. So what about the new Samsung Galaxy S10, is it possible to set a notification LED?

Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 have a notification LED?

Due to the changes in the display and the marginal edge, Samsung has decided to remove the notification LED on the Samsung Galaxy S10. You can not set up a notification LED on the Galaxy S10. It not just for the normal S10, but for the other S10 + and S10e models as well.

Instead, there are two alternatives that are the sidelight on the one hand and the Always On Display on the other. If the sidelight is activated, a new frame will display a glowing frame around the display. If you do not like the sidelight, you can also use the Always On Display as an alternative. Various information such as the time, date and notifications will display on the screen even if you turned off. The Always On Display is optimized for low battery consumption so that the battery life is not particularly affected by it.

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