Samsung plans to merge Galaxy S with Note series phones

According to related news, Samsung plans to streamline the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series from next year. It will be integrated into the new Galaxy One series in the future. It will become the two high-end flagship models of Samsung along with the Galaxy Fold series.

Galaxy one series

According to @evleaks, it is said that Samsung will eliminate the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note series products in the future. The two will be merged into the Galaxy One series, and the Galaxy Fold launched this year will become a new series model.

On the other hand, the original Galaxy Note series exclusive application service and design, may also be incorporated into the Galaxy S series in the future, and become a feature of the Galaxy One series.

Prior to this, there were actually many reports that Samsung would merge the Galaxy S series with the Galaxy Note series. The main reason is that the key differences between the two have become less and less, and Samsung’s plans to make Galaxy Fold a regular product, with the high-end flagship design positioning product line, does make it more difficult for consumers to choose, so it is necessary to further streamline the product line.

However, Samsung did not respond to this, it is also possible to maintain the current status, and the Galaxy Fold series as a special demand product. After all, in the current market demand, the “fold screen” mobile phone is still in the early stage in the market, for the time being, it’s not the mainstream model in the market.

samsung galaxy one series

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