Samsung One UI 2.0 Is The First To See: Built With Android 10

Google just announced the upcoming Android Q / 10. As one of the leaders of the Android camp, Samsung, which has just released a new Galaxy Note 10 series, is also attracting attention. If you can’t imagine what Samsung OneUI 2.0 is like with Android 10, let’s enjoy this video shared by YouTuber ‘Dudu Rocha‘.

android 10 OneUI2.0

Google gave up the letters and desserts name on Android 10, and introduced the redesigned Android logo, which looks more modern. Unfortunately, this technology leader did not announce the Android 10 push schedule. However, this does not prevent Samsung from adopting the One UI 2.0 test plan built by Android 10.

The Portuguese YouTube ‘Dudu Rocha‘  installed a beta version of One UI 2.0 on its Galaxy S10 Plus and showed many improvements. The video took more than 11 minutes and details the differences between One UI 1.0 and 2.0. For example, in One UI 2.0, Samsung added new gestures, improved quick settings, and added new options for security settings.

Unfortunately, Dudu Rocha did not provide a download link for the beta version, so everyone has to patiently wait for Samsung to release the beta version of Android 10. According to the timetable for showing Android Pie at the Developers Conference last year, this year’s Android 10 Beta should not be far behind.


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