Samsung Galaxy Note10 Supports 45W Fast Charge. Fully Charged In 54 Minutes

As one of the most-watched smartphones in the second half of the year, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 series has many highlights, such as the new S Pen, rear four lenses, 5G, better screen, fast charge and so on.

Samsung Note 10 series

In the past, Samsung’s battery and charging settings for mobile phones were relatively conservative, and it was gradually lagged behind its competitors. The only one that is not as good as Samsung’s maybe the 5W iPhone.

Finally arrived in the Note10 series, Samsung will increase the charging power to 25W, of which Note10+/10+ 5G is to support up to 45W fast charge, which makes users have more expectations for the battery life and charging ability.

Thai technology blogger-DroidSans compared the performance of the 45W and 25W chargers when charging the Note10+.

Samsung Note 10 charging test

The test results show that the 25W charger configured with Note10+ needs 1 hour and 5 minutes to charge the phone to 100% of the battery, and after switching to the 45W charger, the time required to charge 100% of the battery is 57 minutes, the difference is 8 minutes.

Samsung Note 10 charging test

But if you compare the efficiency of charging for 30 minutes, then Note10+ with 45W charger had easy win over Note10 with 25W charger. The former has a battery capacity of up to 4300mAh and a charge of 73% in half an hour.


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