Rumour: Samsung Galaxy Fold To Release On The 27th This Month

Evleaks said that the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be released on September 27. However, Samsung officially has not responded to this, nor has it published information about Galaxy Fold.

Galaxy Fold

According to earlier sources, Samsung has completed various changes and upgrades to the Galaxy Fold, and the new GalaxyFold has greatly improved.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has two displays with a fold-over design. The small screen is a 4.6-inch AMOLED screen with a screen aspect ratio of 21:9, the main screen size is 7.3 inches, and a screen aspect ratio of 4.2:3.

In addition, the back of the phone is made of 3D curved glass material, which is available in four colors.

Although Samsung officially did not respond to the release of Galaxy Fold, there is news that Samsung may officially announce the release date of Galaxy Fold at IFA 2019 later this week.


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