Rumored! WhatsApp feature test ‘Self destructive’ messages

The Verge reported that WhatsApp is ambushing new feature that allows users to be able to set outgoing messages ‘Self-destruct’ within the allotted time. The features known as disappearing messages. It first appeared in the app version 2.19.275, but the first person who discovered this feature said that it is not yet available.


whatsapp disappearing message

This Disappearing message feature is useful for those who want to send messages or information that is important or rather sensitive. And don’t want to let it fall in the app for too long, a feature like this has appeared in an app called Telegram that lets you send messages set to self-destruct with the Secret Chats feature. In addition, Gmail also used to have a similar feature in the past year as well.

Currently, WhatsApp allows you to set the time to delete your messages. Within 5 seconds or an hour but can only be used in group chat.

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