Razer new Nari Ultimate gaming headset can produce vibration effects according to Xbox One games

Nari Ultimate headset launched last September. Razer new Nari Ultimate headset for the Xbox One will be able to vibrate according to the game content. It allows player to be more immersive in the gaming feel.

nari ultimate for xbox

In fact, the Nari Ultimate headset introduced last year can also connect to Xbox One console via a wired connection, but it is just a general headset. The Xbox One design version supports wireless connection and can generate vibration according to the game content.

As for the vibration method, it is derived from the HyperSense vibration technology created by Razer. Lofelt provides vibration components, so that users can create deep immersion feelings during the gameplay, such as the character’s footsteps and battles.

In addition to providing vibration effects with the game content, the new Nari Ultimate headset also supports Microsoft Windows Sonic surround sound. While users can also adjust the volume of the game and the volume of the collapsible microphone. The wireless connection distance can be up to 10 meters.

nari ultimate gaming headset for xbox one

In terms of battery life, with HyperSense vibration effect enabled, it can be used for 6 hours. However, if the HyperSense vibration effect is turned off, battery life can be up to 20 hours.

The L5 Haptic drive components by Lofelt can generate up to 4.3G of vibration. In addition to being applied to the Xbox One, the headset can also be used on Windows PC platform devices.

The new Nari Ultimate headset will be available for sale from now on, with a suggested price of $199.99.

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