RAZER introduces the ARCTECH series of mobile phone cases, featuring the Thermaphene layer design!

In addition to the need for a powerful smartphone, there is also an unavoidable problem that the phone is overheating. No matter which mobile phone you use today, you will encounter it. Razer recently launched a series of mobile phone cases with thermal cooling technology, in addition to the models available for their RAZER PHONE 2, it also available for the latest models of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, For the user of iPhone X, RAZER also has models for iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


According to the data, the RAZER ARCTECH series mobile phone case adopts the patented Thermaphene technology, which is designed with three layers of microfiber lining, the Thermaphene performance layer and external perforated structure. The Thermaphene performance layer can absorb the heat of mobile phones. And through the external perforation structure for heat conversion and de-heating, the mobile phone can have a lower temperature when running the mobile game. In addition, the choice of materials can effectively reduce the interference to the network signal, in addition to Qi wireless charging module to make it more convenient to use.


The ARCTECH series of mobile phone cases are available in three versions: Slim, Pro and Pro THS. All three versions feature the Thermaphene graphite thermal layer design. Among them, Slim is the thinnest model. The Pro and Pro THS incorporate a scratch-resistant back panel and four shock-proof sidewalls, which can withstand up to 3 meters of fall protection. In terms of color, it is available in  Black, Quartz and Mercury.


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