Qualcomm Announces A Series Of New WiFi Chips Supporting WiFi 6 Technology

Qualcomm unveiled a series of new WiFi chips supporting WiFi 6 technology on Tuesday, and the company hopes that this latest technology will boost sales of its 5G chips.

Qualcomm Wifi 6

Qualcomm is the largest supplier of mobile phone chips, but the company has been seeking to expand its business into other areas because the global mobile phone market has stalled in recent years.

The San Diego-based technology company has been marching into the chip space for cars, headsets, notebooks and other devices, offering WiFi chips for devices such as ‘mesh’ Wi-Fi routers made by Alphabet’s Google Inc., designed to provide better overall network coverage. In addition, Qualcomm is also working with mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics to provide mobile phones with next-generation wireless data network 5G chips.

With the new WiFi series chips, Qualcomm hopes to combine its two business lines one day. Compared with the previous technology, the difference between WiFi 6 technology and 5G technology, which is expected to be fully introduced as a new standard in 2022.  The two technologies are designed to work more closely together, enabling the WiFi router to Network switching for mobile phones and other devices that use both technologies more seamlessly.

In addition, 4G technology is mainly owned by telecommunications companies, and 5G technology will enable enterprises to build their own unique 5G network to better connect large campuses, factories and other areas that are difficult to cover WiFi networks.


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