Prepare your team! Niantic announces Pokémon GO league with online fights and rankings

Pokémon GO was released early in the second half of 2016 and was an instant fever. Despite the extreme excitement of the players after a few months, it is a fact that Niantic has been doing a good job and thanks to this the app still owns significant numbers of downloads and revenue.

The company has been able to measure the release of new features, such as new monsters, and features: Last year it was finally released for players to exchange Pokémon, as well as to battle each other locally outside the gyms.

A future news that will make the community even more exciting will be the arrival of online fights: yes, Niantic has unveiled this feature in its official Twitter account, promising its launch by 2020. Already in the early months of the year players should be able to play online fights with other players around the world.
The developer will implement this news to create their first online Pokémon league. Thus, players will be able to challenge others who seek the title by matchmaking, getting points, and advancing in the rankings.

Online battles can now be fought, but in a very restricted way: Stakeholders need to maintain an Ultra or Best friendship level, and then they can send invitations to each other for long-range disputes.

Remember, in September the Niantic game began hosting the fifth generation of pocket monsters, with the initials Oshawott, Tepig and Snivy.

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