Pixel 4 first disassembly showing some difficulty for repairs

The Pixel 4 is gradually reaching the hands of more people, and with it, the first brave enough to open the machine and expose its innards to the world begin to appear.

The “target =” _ blank “> PBKreviews YouTube channel has taken the lead and decided to perform a top of the line disassembly procedure, showing that it is not the simplest device to perform maintenance.

Starting with the removal of the SIM tray followed by the heating of the adhesive that holds the back, then the user needs to be very careful with the cables that are attached to the inside, seeing that they are extremely fragile.

As soon as the back is removed, we can see the wireless charging pad affixed with tape.

Inside you can see the presence of numerous screws (Torx T4) and connectors; unscrewing and unplugging them is a job that requires patience and precision, as they are tiny and very fragile pieces.

The Soli chip is allocated on a separate card near the speakers. At the end of all this work, one thing is certain: If you have a Pixel 4 and need to change the screen, it won’t be easy.

Due to all the complexity involved in the disassembly process, it is true to say that Pixel 4 (which, by the way, has already begun to show its first problems ) can be extremely tedious and risky.

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