Otterbox Launches Power Bank With Stackable Charging And Wireless Charging

Otterbox announced the launch of the new charging accessory OtterSpot, which in addition to supporting Qi wireless charging technology, is a stackable charging 5000mAh power bank.

The OtterSpot itself has a capacity of 5000mAh and can be recharged by USB-C or via Qi wireless charging. It can easily carry around because of the flat design. In addition. OtterSpot supports stackable charging, with a 36W power output wired charger, three groups of OtterSpot can be charged simultaneously.

This design will make it easier for the power bank to replenish power without taking up too many power outlets. However, when stacking 3 sets of OtterSpot for charging, the charging efficiency will be lower. It is expected that each group of power banks will only be allocated. 10W charging efficiency.

The recommended price of the OtterSpot containing the charger is 129.99USD, while the price of a single OtterSpot is 69.95USD. Users can increase the number of OtterSpot as needed.



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