OnePlus officially announced the TV brand logo design, will be called OnePlus TV

With the announcement last year that it will invest in the development of TV products, and earlier it is ready to launch mainstream specifications covering 43inch, 55inch, 65inch, 75inch, etc. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau released the brand logo on his personal Twitter earlier.

oneplus tv logo

The design of the OnePlus TV brand logo will follow the OnePlus brand logo with the word ‘TV’. At the same time, it will also confirm that TV products will use OnePlus TV as the official product name.

As far as the development of TV applications is concerned, in fact, it did not change much of the customers’ behavior of watching TV. Even though TV brands such as Samsung, LG and Sony have successively promoted smart TV products, they cannot significantly change the traditional TV usage mode, including Microsoft and Intel. Google, Facebook, Ericsson, and Apple are also expected to create greater market development opportunities by changing the ecology of TV use. The hidden gold content behind the TV display is still huge.

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