Nokia 9 PureView Camera DxOMark score Only 85 points

Camera review agency DxOMark released the world’s first 5 rear-camera Nokia 9, with a combined 85 points. Among them, DxOMark gave the Nokia 9 PureView a photo shooting score of 88 points and a video shooting score of 80 points. As  Nokia’s new model with PureView, such a rating is embarrassing.


In terms of video shooting, DxOMark said that in addition to anti-shake is not bad, the other aspects of Nokia 9 PureView can not do much compared to the current top models.

Nokia 9 PureView DxOMark

According to the evaluation, the overall performance of the Nokia 9 PureView phone is as follows:

Photo Taking


  • the autofocus speed is fast and accurate
  • the details are kept fairly well, and the noise control is good in most scenes


  • zoom power is not prominent enough
  • flash exposure is unstable and white balance appears color shift
  • pink color shift will occur under outdoor conditions
  • color halo appears under most conditions

Video Shooting


  • The anti-shake function is well done
  • the noise control performance is excellent in most scenes
  • autofocus ability is reliable


  • Limited dynamic range
  • insufficient detail
  • obvious difference in sharpness between images, unstable exposure, etc.

In other respects, DxOMark also proposed some advantages of the Nokia 9 PureView phone in creative shooting, such as dedicated black and white sensors, and multi-image super-resolution mode for various post-processing. In addition, Nokia and Adobe have worked together to provide Lightroom Mobile support for the unique features of Nokia 9, and they have performed very well. However, DxOMark said that unless you plan to take advantage of this specialized feature, PureView camera performance is not as competitive as its competitors.

Source: DxOMark



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