Nintendo Switch Lite Hands-on, The Verge : A More Lightweight And Affordable Handheld

The Verge has received the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite and has tested its appearance, size, feel and other aspects, and believes that Nintendo Switch Lite will be a lightweight and affordable gaming device.

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First of all, in terms of functions, Nintendo Switch Lite has cut off the HD vibration and TV mode, and the JOY-con handle has also changed from detachable to fixed, which means that the positioning of Switch Lite is a handheld product. The smaller screen size makes the picture more delicate, but also makes the body size smaller and more convenient to carry. The size of the Switch Lite is only 20.8cm × 1.3cm × 9.1cm. For comparison, you can refer to the size of the PSV as 18.2cm x 1.86cm x 8.35cm, which is 25.3cm longer than the original NS assembled Joy-Con. It is more convenient to hold or carry it.

Nintendo Switch Lite has additional improvements, such as improved battery life, Switch Lite’s battery life between three and seven hours, compared with the original version, it has a half-hour improvement. After all, the space for the battery is reduced while the size is reduced, but the life of Switch Lite is still improved.

What’s more worth mentioning is that the D-pad in the left half of Switch Lite replaces the original detached button. Compared with the original detached button design, the D-pad with a better feel is not compatible with Switch Lite in Joy-Con. As a major invention of Nintendo, D-pad has a huge improvement in the feel of game control.

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At present, the new 3DS has been discontinued, and Nintendo is in desperate need of a product to take over the position of 3DS in the field of handhelds. There is no doubt that the smaller size of Switch Lite is the best choice.

Source: The Verge

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