News Alleged That Samsung May Announce More Affordable Galaxy Fold

In addition to the possible announcement of the launch of Galaxy Fold on the IFA 2019, Samsung may also plan to launch a foldable mobile phone at a relatively affordable price.

Galaxy Fold

Sammobile quoted relevant information alleging that Samsung may be preparing to launch a foldable mobile phone with a relatively affordable price. It is expected to be set at a price lower than the Galaxy Fold at US$1980, and the storage capacity will be set at 256GB, thereby attracting more consumer groups.

Samsung recently re-launched Galaxy Fold due to its original design problem. And it is expected to resume its listing in September. However, Samsung has not disclosed details such as the specific time the phone will be available in the market. Samsung may choose to announce it during the IFA 2019.

According to Samsung said, the re-created Galaxy Fold adds a protective cover to the top and bottom of the hinge, while the Infinity Flex screen adds a metal structure underneath to enhance the screen protection. It also reduces the gap between the Galaxy Fold hinge and the body to prevent extra items from affecting the screen fold.

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