Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Leaked: Equipped With Snapdragon / 10th Gen Core, both built-in LTE module

This week, Microsoft issued an invitation to hold a special event on October 2nd. The outside has speculated that the protagonist will be a Surface, such as Pro 7.

On August 28th, Microsoft officially announced that it will hold a new Surface event in New York on October 2 this year. According to media speculation, Microsoft will launch a dual-screen Surface device codenamed ‘Centaurus’ at the event, and some existing Surface products will also be available in hardware upgrades. Now, the German media WindowsArea has taken the lead in exposing some of the specifications of Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft surface pro

According to foreign media’s breaking information, the new Surface Pro 7 will have a narrower frame and a thinner body design. On the hardware side, the entire Surface Pro 7 will have built-in LTE modules and will have two versions of Intel processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. Among them, the Intel processor version will use the latest 10th generation processor, and the Qualcomm processor version will be equipped with the Opteron 8cx processor.

In addition, Surface Pro 7 will deprecate the Display Port interface, add a USB-C interface, and broke the news that Microsoft will still retain Surface Connect. In other respects, Surface Pro 7 may also have a new color version.

For the Surface Laptop 3, the foreign media said it will remove the Surface Connect function and only provide USB-C and USB-A ports. The hardware will be equipped with Intel’s 10th generation processor, there is no AMD processor version. There will be no major changes in appearance.

Compared with the conventional hardware upgrade of the existing Surface device, the more exciting thing is the dual-screen device codenamed ‘Centaurus’. This product is defined as a benchmark product within Microsoft, for the future dual-screen gives an iconic example.

Source: WindowsArea

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