Meizu 16s Pro Confirmed That There Are No 4 Lens

Meizu official today released a new poster, which confirmed that the Meizu 16s Pro will equip with 4 lens.

The poster states  “Not four shots, the number of heaps is not as good as the quality.” Obviously, this refers that the new phone has less than 4 cameras

meizu 16s pro

Meizu 16s released early this year is a rear-mounted dual-camera design, which is quite different from the mainstream trend of the market, so some people speculate whether Meizu will upgrade to four lens in Meizu 16s Pro, but it seems to be 3 now.

It is reported that the Meizu 16s Pro will adopt a post-three-camera design of 48 megapixels + 20 megapixels + 16 megapixels, which adds a 16-megapixels super wide-angle lens compared to the previous generation.

The Meizu 16s Pro new product launch will be held at the Zhuhai Grand Theatre at 14:30 on August 28th. There are still 4 days from today, and Meizu will release a countdown poster every day.

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