Lenovo Z6 Lite Edition Review

This year’s smartphone market has given consumers great benefits. Since the beginning of the year, the flagship models of major brands have been based on technological innovation and configuration upgrades without change the price a lot. In any case, spending less money on better-used products.

Appearance and detail design

The black packaging is very simple, but the transfer of information is clear and prominent with pale blue Lenovo Z6 and oversized black “6”. The lower right corner in small print indicates that it is the Lite version.

Lenovo Z6 Lite review

In addition to the most basic charger, data able, Lenovo Z6 lite version with the transparent soft shell phone case.

Lenovo Z6 Lite review

If you ask me what is the most attraction of the Lenovo Z6 lite version,  I think I will without hesitation tell you is the price screen. USD180 machine configuration with 2340×1080 resolution, 93.07%of the screen occupied ratio, 19.5:9 6. 3-inch drop screen, so the screen parameters in this price level smartphone is the obvious advantage.

Lenovo Z6 Lite review

Not only the parameters of the hardware, and the actual performance is also unambiguous, clear and delicate. The ultra-large screen enriches your visual experience.

Lenovo Z6 Lite review

Color performance is also very excellent, the color reduction is accurate,  everything looks pretty comfortable. For some of the dark tones of the picture, the dark portion of the details may have more reservations, the picture-level performance is more excellent. With respect to the price, I am amazed by such a display performance.

Lenovo Z6 Lite version with a 16.0-megapixel front camera. Personally, I think that the overall feeling good.

Lenovo Z6 Lite review

Designs, counted on law-abiding, color selection is not very rich, only the black and Deco-Stardust. These two colors are completely different styles, the Black is more calm and low-key, and the Deco-Stardust is very shinnying.  the front looks like the emerald green color.

Lenovo Z6 Lite review

Lenovo Z6 lite version is not too thick. Although the installation of a piece of 4050mAh large battery, it did not seem very heavy.

Lenovo Z6 Lite review

The bottom has the speaker, the Type-C interface, a microphone, a 3.5 mm headphone Jack, nothing special worth talking about. Although Lenovo Z6 lite version of the appearance is not overly special. Based on the price, the screen quality, and display performance, the three-camera configuration, the details of the control, etc., I feel it is value for money.

Camera experience

Through the lens of recording life, share your life through phones. The mobile phone has become our everyday essential carry-on items. A phone experience, camera effects are very decisive.

The camera of Lenovo Z6 lite includes photo, video, professional, portrait, handheld night scene, Panorama, and intelligent recognition and other mainstream camera mode, to meet the daily needs is not a problem.

Lenovo Z6 Lite camera review _1

The photograph exposure, white balance accurate, the color can be more real to restore the article to the actual color, you can clearly discern close color differences.

Lenovo Z6 Lite camera review _1

Macro performance is acceptable, but the image sharpness is slightly lacking.

Lenovo Z6 Lite camera review _1

System and function

Lenovo Z6 Lite version uses a ZUI 11 system, the interface is simple and intuitive. Compared to the MIUI system, the feeling in the aesthetics, ease of use, there is still some room for improvement.

After activating 4D U-touch, you can through a variety of gestures and actions to achieve the corresponding functions.

Lenovo Z6 Lite system review 4D u touch

Functionally, I think the most unexpected is the Z6 lite version actually supports Dolby Atmos and HDR10. The atmosphere and sense have increased quite a lot.

Finally, take a look at this Lenovo Z6 lite version specification, it is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710AIE processor, 4GB+64GB memory mix, 6.3-inch drop panel, post-AI Zoom trio cameras and 4050mAh large battery. Although the specification is not high-end, it is fairly enough to cope with everyday applications and mainstream games, with the help of super-large battery capacity, a day of heavy usage is not an issue.

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