Japan 3 Major Operators Restart The Sale Of Huawei Phones

Docomo, Japan’s largest mobile communications operator, announced on the 20th that it will accept bookings for Huawei P30 Pro smartphones starting on the 21st. Huawei’s new smartphone P30 Pro HW-02L, which had previously stopped accepting reservations, will resume bookings from the 21st and is expected to be officially sold in September.

Japanese operators restart sale of Huawei mobile phones

Japanese mobile communication operator KDDI has started to sell Huawei’s new smartphone P30 lite Premium in Japan on the 8th of this month. In view of the previous concerns that Huawei’s mobile phone cannot update the Android operating system, KDDI said that the Android system can be updated and used normally.

According to media reports, another operator, Softbank, also restarted the sales of Huawei mobile phones on the 8th. So far, the three major operators in Japan have restarted the sale of Huawei mobile phones.

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