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Listening to music is a pleasure for everyone. In order for this pleasure to be experienced anywhere there is an Internet, mankind has come up with portable Bluetooth speakers . Now on Aliexpress already sold a lot of different models of such speakers – expensive, cheap, waterproof and ordinary, powerful and so on.

Depending on the manufacturer and the filling, the price of such devices can differ a lot. How do you know which speaker is better? In order for you to quickly find the right device for yourself, we have compiled for you a rating of the 10 best wireless bluetooth speakers that can be purchased on Aliexpress.

Waterproof devices first. With such speakers, you can easily go to the beach, hang out on the lake with friends, or even swim in the bathroom – nothing will happen to the column.


This waterproof speaker has a bright enough design, as well as a whole range of colors for every taste. The power of the device is 10 W. The dual speakers are good at boosting low frequencies and delivering a fairly clear sound. Although the device sounds a little simpler than, for example, the Tronsmart Element T2 speaker.

Mifa A10 works in the frequency range – 50 Hz-20 kHz. The 2200 mAh battery is enough to enjoy listening to your favorite music for 10 hours continuously. This unit is equipped with Bluetooth version 4.0. This ensures a high speed of communication with the smartphone. And after syncing through the built-in microphone with the Mifa A10, you can even call your friends. This miracle of Chinese thought costs around $25.

ANKER Soundcore 2

This device can be called legendary because it has long and firmly established itself as a sales leader. The Anker Soundcore 2 speaker is excellently on

12 watts of power, there is an automatic equalizer like JBL. The device is waterproof (ipx7 level). Not so long ago there was an upgrade – bluetooth on the device is now in version 5.0, support for TWS has appeared. The Anker Soundcore 2 is capable of sounding 24 hours without interruption, this is the longest playing option. 

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Tronsmart Element FORCE

Here is the flagship speaker from Tronsmart. This device is fully waterproof, even if you swim in the pool. The Chinese manufacturer declared a huge power – 40 W! But, strictly speaking, after testing Tronsmart Element FORCE, it can give about 25 watts, no more. In terms of filling, this column is almost no different from another model of the same manufacturer – Tronsmart Element Mega, but it has an equalizer that improves sound quality.

In general, we can say that this is an improved version of the Tronsmart Element Mega model with enhanced protection against moisture. The battery holds up to 15 hours, there is an AUX input and support for an SD card.

Tronsmart Element T6

This portable device – Tronsmart Element T6 – gained significant popularity on Aliexpress last year, almost 6,000 orders. The device is in the middle price segment.

The device produces a powerful sound, rich and very clear. The declared power is 25 watts. Thanks to the 5200 mAh battery, the continuous operation time reaches 15 hours. Tronsmart Element T6 can play music from a memory card. Judging by the level of popularity of the product, the simple, sleek and ergonomic design satisfies the majority of buyers.

Hopestar H20

Hopestar managed to make a pretty decent speaker with good sound, above average power and quality bass. And thanks to its price, it even outshines its closest competitor – JBL.

The Hopestar H20 has two full-range (x8 watts) and one large woofer (x15 watts). The total declared power is about 30 watts. It plays music from a memory card (there is a microSD slot), which means that there is no need to connect a smartphone to it via bluetooth. In addition, this device can be used as a power bank.

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Tronsmart Element MEGA

In principle, all speakers from Tronsmart have long and deservedly enjoyed the reputation of “The main threat to JBL”. It’s simple: the price of Tronsmart speakers is significantly lower than that of devices from a competing company. And the quality is practically no worse.

The Element Mega delivers 40W of power, and therefore is a direct analogue of the JBL Xtreme model, which also has 40W. Of course, JBL products are well-deservedly respected, and this model sounds a little better, but on the other hand, it costs almost four times more. And if you take into account the fact that it is possible to use 2 Tronsmart Element MEGA devices as a stereo pair (if you simultaneously connect them via bluetooth to a smartphone), then at the output you will reach 80W power. And then you will definitely not have the desire to overpay several times and buy JBL. 


Everything is pretty simple here. Buyers are attracted not only its musical capabilities, but the fact that it is the only model of bluetooth – Speaker Ali, which can be adapted as a flashlight for bike. The design of the ZEALOT S1 even has special mounts for the steering wheel, and the device itself is well protected from dust, dirt and water getting into the case.

A powerful 4000mAh battery will allow any cyclist, or just a lover of long journeys off lighted trails, to listen to music for 8 hours without interrupting recharging. The portable speaker, in addition, has a radio and a built-in microphone – if you wish, you can make and receive phone calls through it. The ZEALOT S1 is easy to operate. All in all, it remains to be said that this is the best flashlight-equipped bicycle speaker. And it costs indecently cheap. 


This is already a rather expensive device created by a well-known manufacturer, which has earned itself a high reputation in the music device market for several years. The JBL FLIP 5 is definitely worth your money. The device demonstrates quality in all aspects and instills confidence that you will certainly not have any problems with it. All that remains is to enjoy the music.

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The battery is powerful, 4800 mAh, enough for 12 hours of continuous listening to your favorite tracks.


The 4th version of the JBL Charge line has almost become a legend in the segment of bluetooth speakers. JBL CHARGE 4 is another waterproof speaker with a very stylish design and is capable of delivering deep, spacious sound.

With such a device, it is not a shame to show up on the beach in the company of friends, or swim in your own bathroom, alone enjoying its languid bass. In any case, it’s a pleasure.

JBL CHARGE 4, as an advanced speaker, supports all formats. The battery life of the device is simply impressive, since the 7500 mAh battery will last for almost a day. The stated operating time is up to 20 hours. 

T2 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

The T2 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers is the perfect companion for outdoor activities. Plus, it is budget-friendly, so you will have more reasons to love this wireless speaker device.

To list the features, it has Bluetooth 4.1 chip, a built-in microphone for a hands-free call, and even voice assistant support through a smartphone, both Android and iOS. The T2 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers have IPX5 waterproof rating, so this should be safe with a splash of water, rain, or low-pressure water jet.

This device has a built-in rechargeable 1800mAh battery that should last about 10 hours of continuous play. There is also a flashlight that has two modes. One is for normal light, and the other is for first aid mode in case there is a medical emergency.

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