Is the HarmonyOS actually based on Android?

Previously, there were many Chinese companies released their own operating systems,  many of those are actually based on the open-source licensed version of the Android operating system. Some of them would further rewrite the underlying program encoding content to make the operating system more smooth and stable. , but some may be re-created for the operation interface (UI).

HarmonyOS 2019

For example, Alibaba (YunOS, which was later renamed as AliOS), previously advertised as Alibaba’s home-made operating system, it uses Android’s Runtime Library. It also uses Android software frameworks and development tools. It can be regarded as a branch of the Android operating system.

At present, Huawei’s mobile phone and tablet products use the operating system that adopts the in-depth customized EMUI operation interface for the domestic market model. It uses the open-source architecture and re-written the Android operating system. Due to the restrictions in China, it is not possible to use Google Play directly. For the Chinese market, the OS installs more local applications.

For the overseas market, it is a fully-certified Android operating system with Google, and with the customized EMUI operation interface. You can use the full Google services and also can download the app through the Google Play Store. But It will not carry all the local applications that focus on the Chinese domestic market.

From the option of ‘Revoke ADB Debug Mode Authorization’ in the Honor ‘Smart Screen’ setting option, it does not act as a proof that the HarmonyOS is built on Android OS, or it may only allow the access of Huawei devices. Not all devices with ADB functions are based on Android operating systems. For example, Windows and macOS can also use ADB functions by installing programs to link with Android mobile devices.

Huawei did not specify the details of the HarmonyOS. It only revealed the operating system adopts a decentralized structure design, which corresponds to higher system compatibility and the operating system is safe. As for whether it is determined based on Android operations. The system is built and cannot be confirmed yet.

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