iPhone11 Pro Max material cost leaked Cost only 490USD

iPhone 11 series has been on sale for many days. Recently, Techinsight have analyzed the overall BOM material cost by disassembling the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

According to the report, the pure material cost of the most expensive model iPhone 11 Pro Max (512GB version) is about 490 US dollars. The official selling price is 1,449 USD, and the material cost is about 33.8%.

iphone 11 pro max material cost breakdown

In addition, the cost of the rear camera of the iPhone 11 series is $73.5, which is the highest of the entire phone, reaching 15%. The second is the screen and the A13 bionic chip, costing $66.5 and $64, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that these prices in the report are only the price of their materials, and do not include the cost of R&D, design, etc., and iOS system , which has always been Apple’s most essential elements.

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