IPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Note 10 | Features and Specs Comparison

Apple and Samsung are basically the two most recognized brands in the smartphone industry. They have always had good performance in the high-end flagship mobile phone market. So here comes a question. Which one is the best flagship phone of the year?  Let me show you the comparison of iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Note 10.


If you only look at the design, I personally like Samsung Note10 more, using a hole-punch camera design, compared to the notch screen of the iPhone11 Pro, the screen ratio is higher, and the curved screen design looks visually better. Samsung Note10 and iPhone11 Pro have reached the highest brightness of 1200 nits. However, in the past, Samsung used the 2K screen in the flagship models, but this time it uses the 1080P screen, which is a bit disappointing.

Size and Weight

The size of the Samsung Note10 is 6.3 inches compared to the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro, but the actual body thickness of the Samsung Note10 is only 7.9 mm and the weight is only 168 grams. For comparison, the body of the iPhone 11 Pro The thickness reached 8.1 mm and the weight reached 188 grams.


In terms of performance, the iPhone 11 Pro‘s A13 processor is significantly higher than the Samsung Note10‘s Snapdragon 855 processor. This is an unchangeable fact, but Samsung started with 8GB+256GB in the storage combination, while the iPhone11pro only started with 64GB.


The actual imaging quality of the iPhone11 Pro will be better than that of Samsung Note10. After all, this time the ultra-wide-angle camera has been added, the overall camera ability has soared a lot, and Samsung Note10 uses TOF camera, especially in video shooting, the iPhone11 Pro can have an absolute win over Samsung.

Battery Life and Charging

Samsung Note10 has a 3500 mAh battery and 25W charging. Yes, it is slightly better than the iPhone 11 Pro 3046 mAh battery and 18W charging. However, Apple’s algorithm is better because of the iOS system. On the contrary, the battery life will be more durable than Samsung. As for the details, both are equipped with IP68 waterproof, WiFi6, etc.,. However, Samsung Note10 has an extra SPen, so the playability will be more abundant.

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