iPassSafe a very popular iOS privacy tool download for free [Exclusive Free Apps]

IPassSafe is a confidential app with a price of $3.99. You can store all the information you don’t want others to see. It can protects bank account information, credit card information, email account, web page information, notes, newsletter. iPassSafe can store a variety of data such as photos. The information is secure with an advanced encryption standard of 256 bits.

iPassSafe free download ios privacy tool

There are a variety of security mechanisms available in iPassSafe. In addition to the advanced encryption standards mentioned above, there are 10 settings that automatically clear all content, automatic logout and use of other apps to lock and delete the contents if someone inputs incorrect password.

ipasssafe free from download

In addition, iPassSafe is highly integrated with Safari, allowing you to log in directly through iPassSafe while using Safari. It can also sync with other programs and encrypted to protect your privacy.

iPassSafe Download Link

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