iOS 13.2 Beta is about to debut Deep Fusion camera mode

After the launch of the iPhone 11 /11 Pro, people were also surprised by their camera capabilities. However, the new iPhone’s photography capabilities are still not fully realized. The source revealed that iOS 13.2 Beta will be launched on October 3 and this time the focus of this update is to add a new Deep Fusion camera mode

iphone11pro Deep Fusion

Deep Fusion

At present, the new iPhone will use Smart HDR to process photos in the preset mode. If there are some low-light environments, use Night Mode to increase photo exposure and reduce noise.

Deep Fusion is a new image processing method for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. The Deep Fusion mentioned earlier in the iPhone conference has not yet officially appeared on the new iPhone, and can be used until iOS 13.2.

At the press conference, Phili Schiller previewed the addition of the Deep Fusion feature to the new iPhone. But he did not elaborate on the details of the technology. When you press the shutter, the iPhone will take 8 photos first, then press the shutter to take a photo. The Pixel to Pixel will be compared and integrated through AI, and finally, a high-resolution and low-noise photo will be produced.

Current Smart HDR mode differences

Currently, the iPhone is preset to use the Smart HDR mode. When taking a picture, it will take a series of pictures before and after pressing the shutter and then integrate. The photo thus improves the dynamic range and detail of the photo. The difference with Deep Fusion is that the photo is not processed by Pixel to Pixel.

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