iOS 13.1 adopted Ultra-wideband technology on AirDrop

IOS 13.1 officially launched, the first iOS 13 updates. In addition to some major bug Fixes, IOS 13.1 also adopts the use of U1 chip to provide new features.

iOS 13 AirDrop

Ultra-wideband technology on AirDrop

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max uses Apple’s new U1 chip, which is ultra-wideband technology for space sensing. It allows the iPhone 11 /11 Pro to correspond to nearby Apple devices with built-in U1 chips. This is like adding an “inductive capability” to the iPhone that will bring a lot of innovative features beyond imagination. With U1 and iOS 13.1, you only need to point your iPhone to someone else’s iPhone. AirDrop will prioritize the other device’s device and will display it at the top of the list. This allows you to share files faster.

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