Insta360 GO, Weighs Only 18.3 Grams, Makes It Easy To Take First-person Perspective Movie

Insta360 announced the launch of the world’s lightest panoramic camera, the Insta360 GO, which emphasizes only 18.3 grams and can be shot in close proximity to the first-person view, can record the best picture through artificial intelligence and automatic editing technology.

Insta360 Go

Due to its lightweight, the Insta360 GO can be easily attached to the forehead, chest, or hand-held, and can be viewed in close proximity to the first person. The Insta360 GO itself can also be fixed by magnetic means, which is convenient for users to disassemble or install. It supports IPX4 waterproofing and can be used in general splashing water and rainy environment as well as even in shallow water for about 10 seconds.

The use mode is not like a general panoramic camera can record long-term video content, Insta360 GO single-shot film can only record a maximum length of 30 seconds, or shoot a maximum of 30 minutes of time-lapse movies at 6 times speed.  With the built-in FlowState anti-shock technology, the film is stable, and it can also shoot up to 100fps slow-motion movies.

In terms of battery power, with the charging box, you can shoot 200 groups of videos in a single day, and you can also connect to the mobile phone to transfer movies through the charging box.

In addition, through the artificial intelligence recognition technology, Insta360 GO can be quickly edited through the FlashCut app, which will match the theme according to the content of the scene and allows the user to edit and adjust the details.



Source: Insta360

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