Huami Releases Amazfit X Concept Watch

Huami held its 2019 new product launch conference in Beijing, bringing 3 smartwatch products: Amazfit GTS, Amazfit smart sports watch 3, Amazfit X concept watch.

Unlike the previous two models, Amazfit X is known as the “The future of the Smartwatch” and will be available in the first half of 2020.

Amazfit X

Amazfit X uses a proprietary 2.07-inch flexible curved screen, with an ultra-high drop of 12.5mm, the hot-bending 3D process is applied, through 700°C ultra-high temperature heating and 6-bend bending process, which makes the glass reaches a super-arc curvature of 92°.

Fashionable design, with a larger display area. The display area is 244% larger than a wearable device with a similar size. It also has 326ppi, 100% NTSC high color saturation and up to 430nite screen brightness.

In order to achieve bending design, a 220mAh curved lithium battery is used (internal test can support 7 days of battery life).

The Amazfit X features an all-metal integrated design with hidden electronic buttons that replace the raised traditional buttons.

Amazfit X

Huang Wang, the founder, chairman and CEO of Huami Technology, said: ‘We have encountered many difficulties, challenges and impossibility when we are doing such a future concept product because we are challenging the limit of wearable devices almost every step. This is a conceptual watch for the future of the smart wearable industry, exploring more possibilities.’

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