HP Introduce Omen Mindframe Prime Headset Upgrade Over-The-Ear Cooling Technology

According to foreign media reports, HP announced the launch of the new Omen Mindframe Prime gaming headset, the headset has a noise-canceling microphone, 7.1 virtual surround sound and FrostCap active ear cooling technology. The Omen Mindframe Prime gaming headset is an upgrade to the standard Mindframe headset. The main selling point of this headset is active cooling technology, using a thermoelectric device placed in the ear pad to cool down. The Omen Mindframe Prime headphones will feature a new graphite heat sink in the ear pads to further improve the cooling effect.

HP Omen Mindrame Prime Headset

In addition to better heat dissipation, the headset is also equipped with dual microphones with ambient noise cancellation, which can block unwanted ambient noise, such as keystrokes, the sound of other people’s voices, etc. This will reduce the disruption of communication between teams. Like the previous generation, Omen Mindframe Prime also includes 7.1 virtual surround sound ICS, powered by C-Media Xear. 7.1 virtual surround creates a realistic spatial perception that helps pinpoint the sound. The headphones are also equipped with adjustable suspension head padding to ensure a perfect fit.

The headphones come in two colors, black and red/black and white. HP will launch the headset in Europe later this month for € 200. The headset will hit the U.S. market in January and is expected to sell for $ 200.

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