How to set long video to Whatsapp status on iPhone

Recently I’ve found a very useful tutoral of how to set long video status on Whatsapp on howtoisolve. I believe a lot of my readers might facing the face problem.  It’s very disappointing that if you’re going to post a video to your WhatsApp status, but ultimately you know that you are only allowed to upload videos for 30 seconds. Another limitation of WhatsApp video status is that the video size is allowed up to 16MB. Here’s the way to allow you to post video status in WhatsApp status on iPhone / iPad for more than 30 seconds.

We can do this by splitting the long video into 29 seconds each. I will show you the steps in detail, simply follow this tutorial and learn how to set the full video in WhatsApp status.

You must first download the app ‘ VIDEO-SPLITTER ‘from the App Store.

Here is how to set a long video in WhatsApp status on iPhone.

Step  1: Go to “App Store” and search for SPLITTER videos.

Step  2: Launch “Video SPLITTER” on your iPhone.

post long video status on whatsapp

Step  3: Track the information on the screen and set up the app

Step  4: Now, select the video file that you want to split into sections.

post long video status on whatsapp step 2

Step  5: After that choose “number of seconds” .

Step  6: When you select the number of seconds, the video will be divided equally into the selected seconds.

Step  7: Then tap “Splits and save” .

post long video status on whatsapp step 3

Step  8: Tap “OK” .

Step  9: Go back to the iPhone’s home screen.

Step 10: To check if the app has successfully extracted the video, open the “Gallery” .

post long video status on whatsapp step 4

Step  11: Tap the “Film Roll” tab .

Step  12: Scroll down to find splitted video.

Step  13: Now go to “WhatsApp” .

Step  14: Tap “Status” .

Step  15: Tap the “Camera icon” next to “My Status” .

Step  16: Choose the splitted video that you want to upload.

Step  17: Add captions if you want, otherwise upload.

Source: howtoisolve

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