How to reset Amazon Kindle to factory settings

The Amazon Kindle should be reset in case of serious malfunction. For example, after a firmware update or when you are planning to sell the device. As a result, all data on the e-book reader will be deleted.

The reset to factory settings should be planned and possibly a backup made in order to get no data loss.

the following data is deleted during a factory reset:

  1. Password to unlock the screen
  2. Furnished child safety lock
  3. Information about the Amazon account
  4. connection settings
  5. Downloaded content such as magazines, journals, and e-books

Once you have ensured that the factory reset can be safely performed, reset the Amazon Kindle as follows:

Reset Amazon Kindle to factory settings

  1. Open the menu.
  2. Navigate to “Settings”.
  3. In this submenu, go to “Reset device” or “Reset factory settings”. (depending on the version, the wording is different)

Afterward, the operating system will be reinstalled and the above data will be deleted successfully. Errors that could not be resolved beforehand may be resolved, but in any case, the device is now ready for sale without your personal information.

Now, you know how to reset the Amazon Kindle to factory settings. If you found this information helpful for you, please fell free to share this with your friend.


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