How to quickly send the current location in the iMessage (iOS)

We can send the current location through multiple channels to inform people where we are on the map. In order to help travel correctly, there is a trick to easily sending locations via the iMessage app.

How to quickly send the current location in the iMessage app

When we will send the location to friends Via the messaging app (iMessage), we have to go to send in the information (Info), but we have a faster and easier way. Which must be set to enable the location service for the Maps app and word prediction first

Enable the Maps app location function

Go to Settings> Tap Maps> Location> Select While Using App.

ios enable maps location

Enable Predictive

Go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Turn on Predictive.

ios enable productive

Once the location and predictive are enabled Let’s try to send the location quickly.

How to send a location quickly in a messaging app (iMessage)

Go to the Message app and open the chat.> Type ” I’m at” and a space > Prediction will show the Current Location.> Tap Current Location to send the location.

send current location via imessager

The map will search for the current location for a moment. And will display the pin at our location immediately. For anyone who wants to send a location quickly in a hurry can use the method to send messages on iPhone, iPad by typing “I’m at”

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