How to move data from iPhone to your new Android phone using Google Drive

 1. First, download Google Drive  to your iOS device, whether it’s an iPad or iPhone, and sign in with your Google (Gmail) account. If you don’t already have a Google Account, you can create a new account here. Or click Create when signing in to Google Drive as well.

move iphone data to android

2. Open the Google Drive app and choose Settings> Backup. Then select the content you want to back up, or you can back up all data as well And click “Start Backup”. It is recommended connecting to Wi-Fi to avoid wasting mobile data and backing up data more quickly.

move iphone data to android tutorial

3.  Sign in to your Android device with the same Google account that you backed up. And follow the steps suggested by the system. All data backed up in Step 2 will be restored to the Android device ready to use immediately.
move iphone data to android tutorial


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