How to Get iPhone Emojis for Your Android

I have to admit that Emoji helps make our chats more flavorful.  Allowing the reader to understand the emotions in communication. But the problem is that the emoji on the Android smartphone is not as beautiful as the iOS devices, which we have a solution that can be done without Root.

iPhone 8 Emoji Keyboard

imore emoji keyboard

This app, called the iPhone 8 Emoji Keyboard, is an emulation of the emoji of iOS that can be used with Android, but there is a shortcoming that you have to enable the Emoji keyboard before you can use the emoji. Because the Emoji database is embedded inside the keyboard. This means that in addition to having an iPhone-like emoji, the keyboard also looks like the iOS keyboard.

imore emoji keyboard 2



This App is much easier to use,  the operation is similar to the app mentioned above, but the complexity of installation is lower. After you download keyboard themes and will offer you emojis to use up to 3,600 characters without having to download anything more. In addition, the keyboard layout is also diverse, can be DIY as needed. Girls should like it.



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