How to Fix Black Camera Issue on iPhone 11

iPhone 11 series has been launched for a while, an annoying problem with my iPhone 11 Pro Max camera is that it turns black when I launch the Camera app.

I hope that Apple will fix it in a future update. But before that, you can try to solve some of the solutions to solve the annoying problem of blackening the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro camera.

What causes camera problems on the iPhone 11 series?

Before we explain how to solve the annoying black camera problem on the new iPhone, please let me explain the problem so that you don’t misunderstand other issues. Basically, when you turn on the camera, the camera app is black, so you can’t see the object, so you can’t take a photo. You can see a screenshot of the following black camera issue on your iPhone.

iphone 11 black camera

How to solve the black camera problems on iPhone 11 series?

Method 1: Force the camera application to close

Swipe your finger up from the bottom of the screen, hold it on the screen for one second, and then move it away to bring up the app switcher. You can then close the Camera app by swiping the Camera app card up.

After forcing the application to close, restart the application and the black camera issue should be resolved.

iphone 11 task manager

Method 2: Switch cameras

Another option is to switch cameras, so switch from the back camera to the front camera and then return to the back camera. Some users find that it still solves the black camera problem.

After researching, I noticed that there was a black camera problem with older iPhone models, but the strange thing is that I only encountered this problem on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. We have seen some websites asking users to recover iPhone, etc. a lot of measures are needed to fix the problem. We hope Apple will fix this in the next iOS 13 software update.


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