How to disable the guest user on the Mac login page to prevent access to the Mac

Many friends want their Macbook not to show Guest User on the Login page because they do not want anyone to use the computer except themselves. In this post, I will introduce an easy way to disable the guest user login on Macbook.

How to disable guest login on Mac

  1. Go the System Preference and select User and group
  2. Once you get into the User and Group page, click on the bottom left ‘Lock” icon to unlock the system authentication first.
  3. Click on the guest user below your username
  4.  Then uncheck “allow guests to log in to this computer”
  5.  Finally, click the Lock bottom again to relock the system setting authority.

Now you will not see the guest user login page again after you restart your Macbook. If you feel this tutorial is useful, please feel free to share it with your friend.

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