How to delete word suggestions on iOS keyboard

Word suggestions have been part of the standard iPhone repertoire since iOS 8. Apple calls this feature QuickType. It suggests words that fit the context and remembers words that you use frequently. Especially the latter can backfire quickly if QuickType regularly suggests certain words, even though they do not fit at all. These words can be removed from the word suggestions!

How To Delete Word suggestions

If you want to remove individual saved words from the word suggestions, you’ll need to grab a keyboard from the App Store. The original Apple keyboard only allows the deletion of all learned words.

Apple keyboard

If you use the pre-installed keyboard, you can only reset the entire iPhone keyboard. Any words that you often write that iOS has noticed will be removed.

Settings> General> Reset> Keyboard Dictionary

ios delete suggested word

Open the settings and tap General . Scroll all the way down and select Reset.  Tap keyboard dictionary to clear all saved words. You might need to input the passcode if you have one.



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